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white nuthatch

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Joined: 2009-08-07

One of my friends has sent me a book on birds in Virginia. One of those mentioned is a nuthatch. According to the writer the bird flies to the top of a tree and works its way down head first.
Now we have a nuthatch except it can go up and down the trunk of a tree. Is this the same with any of your nuthatches?

Joined: 2009-10-03

We get them here in Ohio. Ours is a white breasted nuthatch It has a black cap with a gray back. It's beak is more needle like. They like to dig seed out of the bark on trees. They are fun to watch. They do walk down the tree but they will walk up as well. They are fast little birds. They don't have your usual chirp either. Our juncos showed up last weekend and the wrens showed up as well. I fixed a suet feeder upside down to a pine plank and hung it in the tree so only the true suet eater can get at it. If I keep an ordinary one out, then the sparrows eat all of it or the starlings show up and eat it all. This way the finches,wrens,nuthatches,woodpeckers, and other hangers on have a chance. I will put something out for the other little piglets now and then, but they are seed hogs.

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