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Edible fish suggested,

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Since my ornamental fish are doing so well in my pond, it was suggested to me to put edible ones in as well, I was thinking of some kind of trout, maybe brown trout or brook trout, any suggestions, I think the local fish hatchery has only cut throat trout for restocking them into the wild as they are in low numbers.

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From what I know about trout,

From what I know about trout, they require water with a nice pH and it needs to be rather cold. I had some in my pond once, and due to it being only 8 ft. deep they perished because the water temperature grew to high in the summer. I have another pond now that is 14 ft. deep and they do very well in there.

fish in pond

That first comment about temperature is cor rect. Brook trout require very cold water. Brown trout are more adaptable. 55 to 60 degrees is usually good. Brook trout are the most attractive but harder to keep. Brown trout are aggressive feeders. Probably eat other small pond fish. 10 feet deep is even better

yellow perch...tasty.

yellow perch...tasty.

fish suggestion

I highly suggest you stock your pond with corn eyed brown trout. YUM!

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