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fishing in yesteryear

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Joined: 2009-08-07

I should first introduce myself. I am sussexman and live in sussex, england. As a lad I lived in a place called Kinson(Hampshire) about 500 yds from a fantastic river Stour. I started fishing at about 7 yrs old. As this was about 1948 there wasn't much tackle I could afford so I made it all myself. My first rod was a 6ft bamboo cane. And a large cotton reel as a reel. To you probably a laugh but to me it was the best. Then I managed to make a rod from a tank arial( you could buy them then).The runners we used to make out of mum's hair grips and bind them on with cotton and shellac to waterproof. I used to fish for roach, perch and pike. It was so different then, we could drink the water and eat the fish, would'nt like to try that today.Next rod was a roach pole. If you have never tried one it is an experience you will never forget. It takes some practice but you get there in the end. Mind you I was only about 12 years old and handling a 18 ft rod was a bit awkward but I eventually managed. Then fibre glass rods came into being( I never could afford one) but they were only 4ft long.Looking back I have realised I never ever had a new rod, always second hand or home made,but they were beauties to me. I expect today they would be collectors items. Split cane, greenheart( that was the roach pole) Same as the reels. I retired a few years ago and have been thinking of taking it up again, I went into the local shop, it's a different world, gone are the split canes, greenheaart to be replaced by materials I can't even pronounce. I reckon I'll have to get out my old bamboo canes and see if I still have the skill to make a split cane rod? I'll keep you posted as to progress. Will be obliged for any hints or suggestions my memory ain't that good, it's been some 50 years since I made one.

Joined: 2009-08-07
Nice Project

Better than the huge $$ fancy equip draws in the USA!

Whatever makes that great feel of the fish tap-tap ... I've been told to take time while the line is in to check the local bug types etc.

Safer than stringin' lights in 80 kph winds there Sussexman!


Let us know how it works. Do you use tide tables? Best advice I ever latched onto.

Joined: 2009-08-07
I was shocked to find out

I was shocked to find out that it costs so much to go fishing here in New Mexico (USA) and the trout catch limits are so low. I'd like to start fishing again this spring but now I'm a little discouraged.

Joined: 2009-08-07
I can understand

If you want to put dinner on the table, I see your point ...

BUT, if you want time out in Nature, it's still not too bad, is it?

Joined: 2014-07-14

Its not about fishing to eat in the Us anymore. Just sport.

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