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pond problems

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Joined: 2011-06-30

hey everyone i need some help!!!! i have permission to fish a pond at one of my friends house. its about a 4 - 5 acre pond and i have fished it for 8+ yrs. and just this year i have noticed the pretty dark water has turned a funky green color. i have always caught bass and might i add very big bass out of this pond with pretty dark green colors for years. so this year i dont catch no where near as many fish maybe 2-3 when i go. and i used to catch anywhere from 10-30. and now they are all almost solid white like they have lost their color if anyone has any ideas on what might have happened please share ideas that you have!!! thanks

bad pond

If you live near a college or game commision they will problem be able to test the water to see if it has been over run by plants or chemicals.

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