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ants in hummingbird feeder

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How do i keep ants out of hummingbird feeder? They walk right thru several layers of Ant Poison - nothing slows them down !


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ants and hummingbird feeders

To discourage ants from visiting the hummingbird feeder, first find out whether your feeder is leaking. Sometimes the liquid food in bottle/tube feeders expands in the warmth of the sun, and drips out of the feeder, which will attract ants; saucer types have less problem. Keep the outside surface of the feeders clean, so there aren't any sugars there to attract ants.

Many people have success by installing an ant moat (aka ant baffle or ant guard). Some feeders have these as part of the feeder, but you can buy them separately. These are essentially cups that hang above the feeder and are filled with water periodically. The barrier of water deters many ants. Some people also use fine fishing line to hang the feeder, as ants seem to have a harder time gripping it.

Avoid using insecticides, petroleum jelly, vegetable oil, etc, around the feeder, as it might harm the birds.

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