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Joined: 2010-06-03

I hope to start my first garden this spring. I live in North Central Florida. I have a few questions from anyone who would care to help. I thank all in advance for their replies.
First, in my area when is the best time to begin tilling and preparing the ground for planting?
What vegetables would be best for a first timer? I'd like tomatoes, peppers, and maybe onions and garlic if possible as well as a small herb garden. However, I'm unsure if I'm biting off more than I can chew.
Also, the area I'd likely plant my garden in tends to be a bit too wet and soggy during and after rains. Is a raised planting box a better idea to aid soil drainage?
Again, thanks in advance for all the help!

Beginning Gardener

Great time to start is now. Raised bed gardens are perfect for poorly drained site; build it now and fill with compost/garden soil.
Plant what you like and want to eat. There are cool season veggies and herbs you can plant in March but I'll plan on April for tomatoes and peppers.

Joined: 2013-01-20
Hey Matt, Yes! If you have

Hey Matt,

Yes! If you have drainage issues where you plan on gardening, by all means consider building a raised bed(s)
I am getting ready to start tomato seed at the end of the month. I imagine that it would be a good time for you as well (since you are even further South than I)
Have you gotten your seed yet? Or are you going tp purchase seedlings?
You seem to have a few varieties of vegetables in mind already so pick what interests you the most and have at it! You won't know until you know.
Besides, no one is going to stop by and grade your performance so just have fun!

Joined: 2013-02-16


I am new to this site. I have been gardening for years. the first thing I would do is, check the almanac to see what veggies are good for your area and when to plant. you chek when to plant by the moon, I do this every year and have always had a good garden.

secondly, you may need to have tour soil tested, if you have too much acid in your soil, the plants will not grow, lime will usualy take care of this. also you will need some fertilizer, I use 10-10-10. but plant all live plants in a good hepling of miriacle grow potting soil. you do this and keep it waterd and the weeds out, you will have a fine garden.

Joined: 2013-02-16

as far as seed goes, go to burpeeseed.com you put in your zip code and they will give you seed that grows the best in your area. I have been useing burpee for the last four years, will not go anywhere else, the best seed at the best price.

google burpee seed cuponn codes and just put the code in when you are checking out, if you order $60.00 or more you get 20% off and free shiping, they still beat the price of anyone else, and good sead.

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