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Blueberries: birds and bees

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Joined: 2013-03-17

I mentioned wanting to grow blueberries to a friend and she told me the birds would keep me from having a good crop. So, we talked about building a screened shelter over the blueberry bushes. She felt that would keep the birds out, but now I wonder about bees. Do blueberries need bees? If they do, I can use 1/2 inch fencing instead of screen, which would also cut down on the sun filtering.

Also wonder - do they grow well in zone 5 and what kind of soil do they need?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Joined: 2009-08-10
Yes, you can grow some

Yes, you can grow some blueberry varieties in Zone 5. Test your soil as the pH must be less than 5.0. If you go to a local nursery or look online, you will find varieties for your zone. Suggestions for Zone 5 are: Earliblue, Duke, Blueray, Patriot, Berkeley, Bluecrop, Herbert, Darrow, Jersey, Coville, Lateblue, and Elliott. Blueberries can self-pollinate. For best pollination, however, plant two different cultivars which have overlapping bloom time (i.e., not very early and very late varieties). A midseason variety such as Bluecrop should overlap with most varieties.

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