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Brussel sprouts

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I planted from seed brussel sprouts, in Mid May, in raised beds in Chicago. My plants are green, healthy, and tall, but show no signs of brussel sprout buds on the stalks, just leaves and more big leaves. Will sprouts still develop? This is the first time growing them, so I am not sure when to expect development. Any advice or comment would be helpful.

Brussel Sprouts

I am having the same problem! I planted them for the first time this year, around the same time (also in the midwest (Minneapolis) - but started indoors in peat pots. My plants are also healthy and show not a smidgen of sprout. My neighbor who bought her plants at the garden center is already enjoying hers. Most of my cauliflower and broccoli is in the same boat. I had trouble with those last year as well. Some never made any kind of a head! I really want to find out what I'm doing wrong!

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