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California Wonders and Watermelon

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Joined: 2010-06-30

Hey everyone! Today I picked my first California Wonder Pepper. It was mostly green with a little shade of brown on the top and I was wondering if this would still be okay to save the seeds. Also, I checked my watermelon today and noticed that the tendril is pretty much dry but the bottom is still green. There is a little slit in the steam that is brown is this a problem? And...(can you tell this is my first year growing watermelon?!) it kinda "gives" a little if you push on it. So do you guys think I should pick it? Thanks for everything!

Joined: 2009-08-07
I've never grown watermelon,

but that sounds ripe to me!

As for saving seeds from the pepper, the riper the veggie you save seeds from the better is what I'm told!

Joined: 2009-11-16
saving seeds

I understand one should not save seeds from hybrids because the new plants won't be true to what you original bought. They start to revert to the parent plants.
Anyway, dry the seeds in the opened air so they don't mildew and save them in PAPER envelopes for the same reason.

Joined: 2009-08-07
gabar is correct...

The seeds one saves to plant the next year has to be Heirloom, meaning not genetically altered IE Hybrids.

That is why I only grow Heirlooms, never have to buy seeds again.

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