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Cold Stratify Seeds

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My husband and I have bought alot of seeds to grow in our hothouse. But we come across 4 of them like the India Brain Tree,Dwarf Blueberry,Giant Strawberry,and Tame Red Grape all say on the package to cold stratify seeds in freezer for 30-60 days. We did not know what it ment so looked it up on the computer ans some say to do it, but most said do not... We have never heard of this and we think it would kill the seeds..So do we do this and how and why????? Thanks-Misti-

Cold Stratify Seeds

When you stratify seeds,what you are actually
doing is giving them a rest period.From what I see of your list,these are all plants which
thrive in climates with a cold spell.
Discard any that appear blemished,and place them in zip-lock sandwich bags,and place them in your freezer.After they have had their rest in the freezer,follow the planting instructions included.If you
have any further questions,please feel
free to email me at
I do not check in here as often as I should
so email will get a quicker response.
Good Luck,and HAPPY GARDENING!!!!


Tabatha D. Pridgen
Tabatha D. Pridgen

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