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Craftsman leaf vacuum

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Joined: 2009-09-07

About 4 years ago I bought this 6 hp leaf/yard vacuum. The bag deteriorated after a couple of years. We patched the bag and that worked for a while. A new bag cost $200, which was too much for me. Last fall I had the local sheet metal shop make a metal replacement. I works well, I needed some vent holes on the side for air to flow through. This cost $98 and will last as long as the engine.

Joined: 2009-08-17
OHHH WOW!!!!!!! My hubby is

OHHH WOW!!!!!!!
My hubby is going to order a super duper leaf vacuum and mulcher.


Joined: 2009-09-07
The new metal leaf bag need

The new metal leaf bag need lots of air flow. I have cut two 5" diameter holes with window screen over them. That is not enough. I need to double or triple that. The old bag was essentially completely porous.

Shirley Hobbs
returned it

The Craftsman leaf vacuum did not perform as well as the Toro that I bought for almost half the price - superblog.co/toro-51609-ultra-electric-leaf-vacuum-blower-and-shredder-review - and I was totally disappointed. If the leaves are completely dry then the Craftsman does well. But if there are any moisture on the grass or leaves then it's another matter.


I bought a leaf rake about 50 years ago when I was 25 and new to gardening, and am still using it. I think it cost about $5 back then. I suppose a really good rake, these days, costs about $30? I wouldn't know - mine still does its job perfectly and I get some useful exercise just before winter sets in - without desecrating the peace of my neighbourhood. I wish all the world raked instead of vacuuming - what a lot of peace and quiet there would be.

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