Cucumber Beetles

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I have Cabbage Beetles and they're eating everything in my garden! Does anyone have any ideas how to wipe out these little buggers? I'm organic so no chemicals if possible. My husband has resorted to "hand-to-beetle combat" and is losing the war. Help!!

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Cabbage Beetles

Actually, I meant to say Cucumber Beetles.

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I was using some water and

I was using some water and tobasco mixture that my mom found on the internet. It was doing very good but then I started to get fungi so had to go to something else. I purchased NEEM oil at lowes in the organic section and that stuff is good! It cost about 10 bucks and is a concentrate.

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Thanks, I'll try both.

Thanks, I'll try both. We're desparate! they've already destroyed our cabbage and have moved on to the beet tops, beans and squash. The tomatoes are next and I'm standing my ground! I'm determined they don't get my tomatoes. I make tons of salsa and spaghetti sauce each year.

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I haven't tried this yet..

I read to take something yellow, plastic is best. Hang it around the plants, coat it with Petroleum Jelly. Yellow draw's them and they stick to the Jelly. Something cheap to try.

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Cucumber Beetles gone!

Husband sprayed them with Safer Insecticidal soap and then Fertiloam Triple Plus.

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