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dahlia trouble

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Joined: 2012-03-19

(Zone 7-athens,ga) I planted two dahlia tubers about 3 weeks ago. They sprouted up to about 2 inches daughter broke them off of the bulb and I'm wondering if they will come back up or if I need to dig them up and make a "false winter" buht idk how to do that? Some one please help!!

Joined: 2012-03-19

The blub didn't get damaged, its just snapped off where it comes out of the tuber bulb!!

Joined: 2009-08-10

Oh, that's a bummer. But no worries. Since it's so early in spring, leave it in the ground. (If you take it out now, it will dry out too much. The dahlia may grow another stalk if it has another eye; it may not. Don't water too much if it doesn't grow another stalk; you don't want it to rot. Then, in the late summer or fall, dig it up and prep it for storage for the winter. It needs to be taken out because it's a tender root. See how to take up the tubers on the Almanac Dahlias page here:

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