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? Of the day, cat in garden

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This isn't a question, just a comment on the gardening question of the day. The question was regarding cats in the cypress mulch in the garden, she tried mothballs but they didn't work. The answer was to put pine cones in over the mulch.

First NO ONE should be using cypress mulch, it's not a sustainable source and cypress trees are in trouble, especially in my home state of Florida. Second, moth balls are extremely toxic, to the gardener, the cats and any other living thing in that garden, not to mention what they add to the ground water.

The answer was diplomatic, but should have given the gardener more info.

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Thanks for sharing.  Can you

Thanks for sharing.  Can you tell us where you found the "question of the day" on our Web site as we do not have "cypress mulch" in our database--and can not find reference to this question.
You are correct, in that you should not put mothballs outside—they are very toxic!

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