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Direction to plant

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Joined: 2013-02-17

Does it matter which direction the rows of the garden are planted (North-South or East-West)? I live in northern iowa, if that makes a difference at all.

Joined: 2011-09-03
row direction

Your rows need to be planted so all plants can get the suns rays. N/S rows work but be sure and put your tallest plants on the North side. I do square foot gardening and I put my tall plants in the middle of a 4X12' raised bed with small plants on the outside. This seems to work for me. Some plants such as lettuce/ spinach, etc benefit from some of the tall plants shade, especially in the afternoon. The garden planner works great for this task. Hope this helps.

Joined: 2013-02-17
OK, thanks! Yes, I'm just

OK, thanks! Yes, I'm just starting to figure out the garden planner.

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