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Joined: 2010-03-14

I have been for the last two weeks working in the beds de-rocking them and planting seedlings moving some over crowed plants to better sunny places and weeding and mulching. Taking pictures of it all.

I have two gardens for vegetables and herbs.
I so far have radishes and lettuce and spinach coming up out side.. My rhubarb is growing and spreading well. I am praying for my Corn that I pulled off the cobs I had in the fridge they really started to grow while I was trying to dry them so I rowed them out in hopes leaving the ones that did not to finish drying. I mulch the raspberries with the leaves off the strawberries and bunched up the spoil loosely around the chives.

I have another bed ready for my peas which go in this week soon as I clean some poles to make my trellis for their climb. I have cut limbs from trees felled to do this with. I did not use a tiller and I have shifted the dirt a mixture of sandy soils with wood chips and some aged horse and rabbit and straw that I had piled three years ago on the hill.

My sifter is a old fan grating the fan was broken...plastic nut and motor shot... the front grating works just great just load it and shift back and fro dumping the rocks in the path way... I have one Veg garden in the back and the other in the front with the hot frame.. which I still need to finish this week..to be ready to put out some plants to hardy off.. from inside.

In the whole of yard I as well have Lupines Mints Ferns little nursery's of baby pines that I gather when I find them I group them in little forests and Daisies that grow as tall as me and that is tall at 5'6" I am sure they would get taller if I feed them food... My tomatoes plants grow to 10 feet tall no matter what I get and I am looking to building a hot house on top of the south hill in our back yard to grow them faster and string them up as they do in hot houses talk about a green thumb..

I just can not get carrots to grow I thinks its the wetness in our back yard garden so this year I will try the north front garden.
I have so many plans and so little time...

I can wait till the rain season is over I have trees to get down and ground to level out and the hot house to frame out and looking for a few rabbits and some chickens to add to the place to have some good hot mulch and bug catchers all over..

Yikes the grass it getting to tall well I have to mow that to once it dries a bit... work work work and I do it all alone with nature to to see me through that there is working in my garden with my lord. Do I ever feel sore!

Joined: 2009-08-07
Planting Potatoes on Good Friday!

Today I'm doing the first of my garden planting by planting my potatoes now on Good Friday, and I should be able to plant my onion sets, and peas soon too! :)

I got a late start on the day, as I slept in an extra 2 1/2 hours, but I got all my seed potatoes cut up and scattered on cookie sheets to let the cut edge scab over, and I got some done on the greenhouse, which I hope to have ready to plant in by the end of the day! :exmark:

Joined: 2009-08-17
HI all, The weather here un

HI all,
The weather here un Va has been gorgeos!My perennials are coming back. This week, I bought a raspberry bush and 2 climbing rose bushes, plus a few herbs to entice the butterflies.
Oh I also boght some summer bulbs.
My Shadow girl is still hanging on by a thread so I don't do much outside yet as I check on her alot.


Joined: 2009-08-07
Lucky old you

Lovely day today, put first seeds in, carrots and parsnips, put row of gladiolas for cutting,potted up fischias from their wintering pots into new compost. But be warned here in sussex we can still get snow. 6 April 2008 we had 6ins of snow turned the county into a winter wonderland.
I watch the council workers and when they put the summer plants out you can be sure the last frost have gone.
Have you all had your last frosts? We still have 4-6 weeks to be sure.
Time started in God's Garden

Joined: 2009-08-07
I've two months yet Colin!

,,,,And then there's no assurance of no more frosts!

We got our usual Easter storm here today,,,,if you can call it that! Didn't amount to much, but did come with plenty of wind!

Joined: 2009-08-07
Too windy today!:(

The wind is blowing to hard to do much outside today, I did get out earlier and see what I need to order for my tiller, and too get the chipper out and chip the load of branches that though they had a permanent home in the back of the truck before the wind had started in.

I got 3 loads of grass transplanted by dividing clumps with my shove as I dug them out, and putting them in my smaller wheelbarrow, then filling in bare patches both behind the house and up along the road.

When I could I dug up a weed and put the grass in it's place! :)

I almost feel grateful to the wind today, I need the rest I am getting! :D

I have a good feeling about the new garden plot I'm planning where I've been rescuing the grass, not as many rocks as I found in the original plot, even after several years of rock picking in it! :D

If the wind dies down I may go ahead and go out there and get a bit done with rescuing the grass, though I will soak head to toe in Epsom Salts first while thinking about it! :P

,,,But in the mean time, even just talking about it has gotten me feeling more motivated again! :)

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