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Gardening Scoot

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My partner and I are two high school students from Wisconsin. We were recently approached by an avid gardener about gardening carts. She is a senior citizen who wanted an easier to get around in the garden. Kneeling is painful, and it is hard for older people to keep getting up and down. The same goes for gardening scoots or just sitting on a bucket. We are trying to innovate a new product that would solve this problem. If you could take the time to answer a couple questions, it would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have any physical limitations/ disabilities when you garden? If so describe

Do you own/ use a garden scoot? If no, what do you use?

Are there problems with this?

Was it affordable/ how much did it cost?

Would electrically motorizing this be beneficial?

Any other problems/ suggestions?

Thank you for your time

I just use a kneeler...

The idea of some sort of INEXPENSIVE garden stool that would move without having to get up and down is very appealing. I am a senior with bad hips and knees, and the foam kneeler I use isn't keeping my knees from aching after I finish up. I would prefer to sit, or have a semi-kneeler of some sort, that would move easily, maybe with large wheels.

I think motorizing the device would make it unaffordable for most seniors like me who are on fixed incomes. Wide wheels made with good quality bearings would be better.

garden elder assist

perhaps this seat would help, the only drawback that I see is no break. If you were to redesign to make a similar seat - make sure there is a way to park so it will not roll out from under a person because the person will lean over to work in the garden often. Also something like a roll-bar that the person could grab to assist them to stand up. This item would work better if the garden was raised beds.

What I personally really want is where the garden itself is raised in chair height planting boxes where I could sit on the side and reach to the middle of each box from either side. This would work now for a mobile person - and if the person became disabled they could have the "sit on ledge" taken off and be able to work the garden from a wheelchair. See the following examples. GOOD LUCK!

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