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Getting the greenhouse emptied out!

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Joined: 2009-08-07

I got the rest of my veggie plants, except the tomatoes, planted out in the garden today, sunflowers (Velvet Queen I believe is the variety, dark red petals), Heirloom Pie Pumpkins that look like overgrown zucchini, and zucchini from the seeds YB sent me last year! :D

I got most of the rest of my ornamental plants planted in the bog garden and around the house too,,,,I also got my Concord grape vine planted in the bog garden, and have only the Ostrich Fern left to get in the bog garden, but will have to get more dirt from the root cellar excavation for that! :)

Now I can get the greenhouse ready to hang the upside-down tomato buckets! :D

Joined: 2009-08-07
Just a few drops, but!

.04 inches is all we got out of the near half inch forecast, but that was just as well since the river and many of it's tributary's around were already flooding, so for once I'm actually thankful of getting less! :)

The road into the campground across the river from me was submerged when I wen to take the dogs for a walk into there yesterday, so to the bridge was as far as I went! :(

Pim was getting a drink from a puddle in the grass formed by the flooding, and Pugsley, which hates going into water, thought he had found some good grass to nibble or something, and went running over to see,,,SPLASH!!!,,,boy was he mad after he got over the shock of the sudden cold water!,,,But fortunately he got over it quick and began scampering around again! :D

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