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Grape Vines bugs

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Joined: 2009-08-07

I have had grape vines for five years, the last three years I have had grape pods come out, but not long after that I have seen Beetles on the plant I tryed Liquid Seven, and all kinds of stuff, I live in zone 7 KY. any thoughts or advice? I have yet have any grape I am getting discouraged. Bugs 3 garderen Zero.

Help Please

Joined: 2010-06-24
Hey J, Do you know what kind

Hey J,

Do you know what kind of grapes you have? Also, what kind of beetles?

As far as insecticidals, I would go with a neem oil/dormant spray for all seasons.

Are the beetles eating the grapes/flowers, have you been keeping up with proper pruning for the age/varity of grape?

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