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growing and caring for hydrangeas

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Joined: 2013-06-06

I live in Northern Nevada, bought and planted my hydrangea (blooms are periwinkle blue) in a very large pot on my patio. It gets afternoon sun beginning at about 4:30. I noticed the leaves wilting so I shifted the location a bit and increased the amount of water. Now the edges of the leaves are drying and I see very little new growth. What should I do? The blooms are healthy, but, overall the plant looks kind of puny.

Joined: 2013-06-06
Caring for Hydrangeas

I'm new to the forum, and have some problems with my Hydrangea leaves getting dry around the edges.

Debbie H

To Thumbsup in Northern Nevada about your Hydrangeas: They prefer shade and morning sun only. They will wilt after sun exposure, but will pop back after cooling down in afternoon shade. Morning sun only, evening shade.

Melodie K.

I live in Zone 5-Spokane, WA. I have 6 different hydranga's and they all get late afternoon sun and they are HUGH. You never know--I was willing to try and transplant if needed. As long as I keep cutting, they all kept producing.

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