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Heirloom Peas

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Joined: 2010-07-12

Is anyone familiar with a variety of peas called "turkey toe peas"? A relative grew these when I was small & they had the BEST flavor of any peas I have ever eaten. They were "white" variety & pods were about 4" - 5" in length. I have no idea as to what the "real" name of this variety was.

Southern Gardener
Turkey Toe Peas

Turkey Toe Peas were also known as "KLady Finger Peas" and called turkey toe peas because they were usually found in 3 pods joined together at the stem end. There is a gentleman in Georgia that has the Turkey Toe Pea seed for sale. I just bought from him about three weeks ago.

Sarah Stembridge
Turkey Toe Peas

Who in Southeast Georgia has these for sale?????

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