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Heirloom veggies and companion planting,

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Joined: 2009-08-07

Any body know if I companion plant, if there are any veggies I want to save seed from that I should avoid companion planting :quest:

Joined: 2009-08-06
Hi Larry's

Search the web, there are many sites that give you what can and cannot be planted together, there are too many to list here.
Remember, you can only save and replant seeds from Heirloom plants. Hybrids will not perform well..

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Yup, Don't Have To Go Far

Here's an article on the First Nation's Three Sisters:

AND here's a really nice chart:

And another:

THIS should keep ya outa trouble for a minute! 0:)

Joined: 2009-08-07

Thanks for the reminder YB, Hybrids are tempting, but are not likely to be true to type,,,,and some things grown from saved seed from Hybrid edibles are not even edible!

Thanks Redmink, I think I may have seen the three-sisters bit before somewhere else, but had forgotten.

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Heirlooms, is that I would call species plants, ie the oringinal plant. There are very few plants that I know that will give you true plants from seeds. Even the species have been derived from some native plant from somewhere in the world that looks nothing like what we grow today.
Last year I grew a row of pure white sweat peas, took the seeds as they ripened and then in September put them in an Icecream tub( with holes for drainage) covered with a bit of soil(dirt to you) put them in the cold frame and promptly forgot about them, then the snow came. It has melted and when I last looked they have all germinated. I am intriged to see what variation of colours I get. I mean to grow them in a line and if they flower will post it for your perusal.

Joined: 2009-08-07
RE: Heirlooms?

You are probably right, even wild plants my be from cross pollinated seed, and most cultivated plants are probably cross pollinated, even if when it happened it was an accident :exmark:

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