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I recently bought an ivy-vine plant last week, transplanted it in organic soil and all that. I kept it in the house. Well just yesterday I noticed that mold is starting to cultivate on the top layer of soil. I water it when the first couple of inches get dry, like I was told. What am I doing wrong? What can I do to stop it from growing more? This is my first real attempt at plants so I have no idea.

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Cover the fence with a good

Cover the fence with a good thick cover will probably take three summer seasons. Ivy rule goes something like this: first year it sits, second it creeps, third it leaps! Couldn't think of a rhyming word for the first year, ha, ha. By the third year make sure you have a regular maintenance plan for keeping it contained to your desired area as it will keep climbing and reaching. Good luck!

I am in Plano, TX area and I am looking for a professional gardener maybe who can help me anyone you can suggest?

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People from Frisco are

People from Frisco are working for me and I know they service your area. You may want to ask. Check them out at

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