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help with ID: Shrub with red leaves

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Joined: 2012-04-22

We have dozens of these growing in a patch of the back yard. They all seem to have kept their leaves over the winter, and look to have tiny little growing tips now. Leaves are mostly red now, about 2 inches long...

We're wondering WHAT THEY ARE, and if we should prune these or just leave them alone??


Joined: 2012-04-22

We're in SE New Brunswick, which is zone 5a (-20°F to -15°F ).
More pics coming shortly...

Joined: 2012-04-22
more pics

red shrubs - rockandroller

It could be Nandina.

Is it Orangy red or Deep Burgandy Wine Red???

Red shrub - rockandroller

It sound like it is too late to prune if there is fresh growth - unless it freezes back again. I am from a different region. In pictures 52 and 64 the plant looks green. It probably went dormant over the winter, and turned red before brown. Good luck with ID -- It may be SUMAC.

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