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Hey Hey!

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Joined: 2009-08-17

HI all!
Been awhilebut I am here! Been busy throwing pots on my wheel and getting ready for the electrician next week to hook up my kiln.
It has been way too cold and rainy to even think about the garden... and it's raining yet again.

Sunday is supposed to be int he 80's and yes the sun is supposed to be out! I am hoping to plant a rose bush and a few bulbs.

I have also been reading a book about SQUARE FOOT GARDENING.... been pondering about trying that.
ANybody tried that?

Colin.. did you get your invite to the big wedding? :-)


Joined: 2011-04-24
Hi Deb

I'm new here, but sure wish you would send some of that rain my way! :) Pottery sound like fun, I'm fixing to learn to make faux rock/boulders, don't have any real ones nor can afford to buy any. Hope weather clears for you. Dolores

Joined: 2009-08-17
Well HI Deloris! Welcome to

Well HI Deloris!
Welcome to TOFA!Since I Have had too much rain and you not enough.. where can I send you some of mine?
I did manage to plant a lovely Lavender Rose Bush today that I Havehad for over a month. Was also able to side dress my other oses with planted Garlic and planted some ELephant Ears and some other bulbs. SO MUCH to do. I haven't planted any veggies in the ground yet...


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