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How can i make a garden in small space?

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Joined: 2014-02-18

my house has very little space around and no plants at all. i'm planning to make a small vegetable garden on the terrace and to plant some around. any suggestions to start with?
[i'm not planning to consult a proffessional for that purpose].
how about the idea of planting medicinal plants in the pot.
ANY idea is appreciated. I may be able to choose the appropriate one.

steven barbarich

Joined: 2014-01-17
gardening in a small space

Depending on the size of your terrace, you may want to consider a raised garden kit/box for the vegetables. If you decide to go with some flowers as well, I always like hanging planters for small, patio/terrace spaces. If there is no room for a raised garden, I would definitely take a look at tower planters, like a tomato tower. Here is an example: Window boxes are usually a great touch too. I hope this helps!

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Seen on Google a soda bottle 2 liter bottles growing Herbs Vertically

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I don't know you're sizing

Double post tech

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