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Love and Green our Earth with Tree-planting bags

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Nowadays, awareness of environmental protection raises, everyone knows that planting trees and green plants protects the earth more. People almost use plastic bags as garden materials traditionally, but plastic bags not only pollute environment but also not be decomposed for many years. Tree-planting bags made of nonwoven just can solve these problems. And it also called garden bag or garden material bag.

Growing plants and trees with garden plant bags can be more quick and environment-friendly; otherwise, grow planting bags are strength in planting, and they bring much convenience on transplanting. You do not need to trim the tree, and can still remain the original shape of the tree.

Planting bags can improve the success rate of transplantation and be convenience, but more importantly, they must be the best choice of loving earth and greening environment.

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Most plastic bags are heat

Most plastic bags are heat sealed together. Some are bonded with adhesives or are stitched which are environment resistive.

large tote bags

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