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Can anyone tell me which animal produces the best mature for veggie gardens and plant beds? I am currently planning the landscape around our new house and wanted to mix in some mature for fertilizer before planting.

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on what you want to do. Also its not a good idea to plant on to freshly manured ground as the roots could get burnt by the strenth of the manure. Horse manure is great but very strong and does not have much straw in it. Cow manure has more straw but not as strong. Chicken manure is far too strong to use and is best diluted with humus. You didn't mention what your soil is like. If you have good friable soil then you can just plant but if you have clay, sandy or chalk then you should consider raised beds for your veggies. Make them 4 ft wide and as long as you like( the 4ft is so you can harvest without walking on the soil(dirt to you) I set my veggie area out 5 years ago and have never had to really dig it again since only fork it over with a hand fork on a 6ft pole. Plus you are only fertilising the growing area so keeping the costs down. Any organic matter you put in the ground will pay back tenfold in the furture. Hope I haven't bored you too much. Good gardening and never forget Time started in God's Garden.
Dig a little dream a lot.

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LOL Depends?

Funny word to use under manure, sussexman! hehe

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He He He

Leave it to Fawn to point that one out :D

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Hi cboyer! Have a look at our

Hi cboyer!
Have a look at our Manure Guide article to read about different types of manure, what they are best for, and when to use them.

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