Mould in potted plants

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I have discovered white mould growing in one of the pots in my house. Any idea what this might be, and how to get rid of it?

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Too Damp?

Sounds like just regular ol' mold.

How about gently scraping it out?

Then to avoid it in the future, water from the bottom. Some of mine don't have a 1" deep saucer underneath, so I keep a pie plate handy, put the plant pot on it and pour in water and give it 4 hours to soak it all up.

Also testing the soil from the top to about 1" down should be dry before watering again.

Let us know if this works better?

Good luck :)

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Too Damp

You're right, more indoor plants die from over watering than thirst. You can normally tell by the weight of the pot. If you do get mould then after removing as much physically as is possible, put it in a cool well ventilated room and that will normally suffice.

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Yeah its very important to have proper airflow ....i put a fan on my houseplants a coupla days a week and let them get "blown" away ....helps to strengthen the stalks too ....

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It might not be mold. It could be an accumulation of minerals in your water. If you top water your plants the minerals will collect on top of the soil. Solution, bottom water your plants.

If you truly believe it is mold, simply scrape off the 'mold' and as mentioned above, increase the air circulation among your plants.

Happy Gardening!!

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