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moving: best way to move my flowerbeds,too?

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Joined: 2009-08-07

We're moving,(in the same zone),this summer and I wanted advise on the best way to take my flowerbeds with me. I know I can save the seeds from my sunflowers, dig up geraniums,but, my cannas have me perplexed. Can I save the canna "fruits", dry them out and plant them in the fall? Do I have to dig up the bulbs,with plants attatched, and move in pots? If so, do I transplant right away, or wait until the fall? Right now, my cannas have tons of "fruits", I usually let them fall in the flowerbeds. Should I be saving and drying them to plant at the new house? How long before the move should I get started? Any sound advise,(A.S.A.P),would be greatly welcomed! THANX, Cat

Joined: 2009-08-07
I have not had any luck with

I have not had any luck with the fruit producing more plants. I have dug the plants up for other places in the middle of Summer and had good luck with that, but they were the smaller plants. Just had to give them a little extra TLC and make sure they stayed well watered until they had a chance to get established.

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