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my garden soil test kit question

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Hello, I been planting tomatoes each season for about four years now. A set of four PH NPK soil test kit reveals ph levels are good in four different small gardens around my home.. Potash is good.. Potassium is good but tests low for nitrogen indicate very low, no color,, just clear so my soil nitrogen needs to be corrected.. Do I add blood meal or 10-10-10 fertilizer now and retest for nitrogen or just wait for planting season? My seedlings I started a few days ago,,, going to grow tomatoes, swiss chard , and cucumbers ,,btw.. my soil is fertile and I add horse manure every february and till that in soon. Soil in like most garden state soil.. rich and dark but lacks nitrogen. tia, john

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Aged manure will add nitrogen

Aged manure will add nitrogen to the soil. After you plant your veggies you can also side dress with more manure. Adding grass clippings and coffee grounds to the soil will also add nitrogen.
If you plant beans and peas you can let the plants die at the end of the season and then turn them into the soil for added nitrogen. for next year.

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