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my water melons not sweet tasteing ?

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Joined: 2009-08-08

I grew several water melons last year, they got lots of sun and plenty water, all were a nice size, and ripened up. i picked them when the part on the ground was yellow and the stem started to die off . they were plenty juicy but none of them were sweet tasteing. i got the seeds from a store in town. is there a trick to getting a sweet melon ? northern ca.

Sweet melons

I've just been told that towards harvest, stress the plant by reducing water (50-100%). Plants will crank up sugar levels to protect the seeds.

Unsweet watermelons

Can't find anywhere why some watermelons are not sweet. What causes watermelons to not be sweet?

Joined: 2012-09-20
hi,Well, when it's ripe.

Well, when it's ripe. Unripe watermelon is a big disappointment! You spend all that time cutting this huge melon, only to find it not be to sweet and juicy as you

Joined: 2011-09-03
Sweet melons

For sweet melons back off with the water when your melon enters the ripening stage. This allows for concentration of sugars and flavors.Best indicator of ripeness:Watch the little tendril next to the melon, when it starts to look like it's dying, start to water less, when it is dead your melon is ripe. Good luck!

Joined: 2014-06-29
personal watermelon

First year we are growing they are flowering how long before fruit is ready tips for juicy ones any help please

Joined: 2014-06-17
Can't find anywhere why some

Can't find anywhere why some watermelons are not sweet. What causes watermelons to not be sweet?

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