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Need some gardening advice

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Joined: 2013-11-21

New about-to-be gardener here. :)

Hopefully this image works right. Here's an image to my home:

I'm thinking of having Astilbe to the left and right of my steps since all I really have is a boxed house and grass. :)

My question is, now that I've decided on this plant (I live in Wisconsin in planting zone 4a) what would be the best avenue of approach for planting said item?


Joined: 2013-11-21
Just wondering if anyone had

Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the matter.

Joined: 2013-11-21
I'm also thinking of somehow

I'm also thinking of somehow making something "zen" for the front yard since I literally got a square box house with lots of grass.

Any tips at all would be greatly appreciated. :P

Joined: 2014-01-23
Hi, BlueScion. Here is a

Hi, BlueScion.
Here is a source that I have used to select plants for my area for a number of years. You can also check with your local extension to determine if there are any problems with the plants you choose.
I have found that the Astible has not met with my expectations, being too large for a small area. I choose more compact plants near the entranceway, that give a more inviting appearance. However, each gardener must choose their favorites. In my area, lavender fits the bill, with its inviting fragrance, compact growth pattern, and colorful spikes. Just my opinion.

spinach taste

Planted some spinach in square foot raised garden. Plants are growing great, but the leaves taste like the soil. Family wont east it. What can I do to get the leaves tasting more like the store bought ones. Thanks

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