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New veggie garden layout

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I am starting a new garden this year and I am not sure how I should lay the garden out. What should I plant where? Should I not plant some stuff along side other stuff? I plan on planting the basics like, tomato, cucumber,peppers(hot),okra,squash & zuccini. Also a few onions if I can squeeze them in somewhere. My garden is small, probably 20ft long X 6ft wide. Any suggestions?

Joined: 2012-02-16
Get the book "Square Foot

Get the book "Square Foot Gardening" by Mel bartholomew or look it up on the imternet.. It tells you everything you need to know.

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There are some plants that do

There are some plants that do not do well together and some that thrive better when planted side by side. There's a lot of gardening information in this group on facebook:

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Companion Planting Articles

Hi. The Almanac is all about companion planting. Here are a couple articles on this site about which plants go together (and which don't!):

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Squash and zucchini

Hi ShelleyB, I just wanted to say if you are planning on planting squash and zucchini, I found out the hard way that these two vegetables take a lot of space to grow and can over run the garden, as for the peppers they can be grown in planters, if you have the rectangular planters they will accommedate three plants. If you plant marigolds outside the garden it will keep most bugs and varmints out of the garden. As for the tomatoes, I would suggest you buy the hanging planters build a T-post and use a couple of eye bolts or large teacup hooks, this keeps the tomatoes off the ground and you do not have to worry about staking them.You will need to keep an eye out for a lite green catepillar that loves tomato plants. I am not sure about the cucmbers,okra or onions, but scallions grow very well in planters too, and the planter can hold at least a dozen plants. Best wishes to you, and the garden. Thank you, Bpia1

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