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Nut trees

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Joined: 2013-10-10

Very few of the nut trees in our area are producing this year. I have 2 black walnuts that have always made copious amounts of nuts and a Kentucky coffee bean tree that makes a million(or so it seems) pods every year without fail. Local oaks have also not produced acorns. I live in Northern Virginia. Does anyone know anything about this?

Joined: 2015-03-05

Better contact the local Tree Company in your area as they help you by seeing it.

Joined: 2015-03-25
I have walnut trees in my

I have walnut trees in my backyard in my home at Toronto, and my major problem was squirrels. There were a group of them in the tree and used to take almost half of the nuts. I finally called in a humane animal removal service called A1 Checkmate.They got rid of the squirrels and since then there have been no trouble from them.

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