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Okra plant question

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I planted several okra plants this year, some in ground and some in pots. Some in grounds okra plants are 4-5' tall. They flowered and they have these odd looking "pods" with spikes on them, not okra. They look like little green crowns.I don't see a way to attach a picture or I would have. Anyway, the "pods" start out small and green but they grow to about 1" diameter and 1" long and then turned brown. If I shake them, they rattle like loose seeds inside. I looked online at okra plants and the leave and flowers look just like okra plants but the pods don't look like okra at all. Otherwise the plants look pretty healthy. Any ideas? Anyway to attach a picture so maybe someone could identify it?

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It may be a

It may be a didn't specify if or how you have been feeding then...but if so what type of fert. A normal 10-10-10 would prob be best. ...try that if it is still producing subpar fruit you may want to try different seeds....

Katie S.

I grew 2 25' rows of okra
I grew 2 25' rows of okra last year, didn't thin them, and regretted it. I couldn't get to the okra pods growing in the center of the rows, and I couldn't even get down between the 2 rows. Due to the tallness of the plants at harvest time, and the stickiness of the plants, I failed to obtain a full harvest. This year I've planted 4 rows, but I'm going to thin as recommended. However, the deer loved the pods I left! So not a total waste.
Also, I soak the seeds in a jar covered with fresh milk overnight on the counter. This helps the seeds to break open and start growing. Don't give up. Once you get the hang of it, growing okra is easy and you get a large yield.

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