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Phew! Made it!

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Joined: 2009-08-17

Hi all!
Welll it's been a busy week.
Earthquake here in Va... then a Hurricane.
It's been a hot hot summer. The weeds in my garden are now knee high and have taken over. I give up. Tomatoes have been yummy!! Peppers are only just now blooming.. Cucumbers have been non-existant.. and are still blooming. SUn Flowers have been AMAZING along with mexican Sunflowers and all th eother flowers. Butterflies and bees are so happy happy!
I hope to be back on on a regular basis soon!!!

Joined: 2009-08-07
Glad to hear

that you are safe and sound! :)

At first I thought I'd get a good crop of everything I planted, now much of it is questionable, all depends on how the weather holds out,,,,once again, but at least the grasshoppers haven't been bad this year and I've been eating tomatoes potatoes and lots of onion, corn and squash were off to a good start, but have slowed down, sunflowers are going hog wild!

The house finches are beginning to congregate in anticipation of the feast from the ripening sunflowers! But that will be a while, so I'd better pick up some seed to tide them over, I think there sitting along the fence waiting for grasshoppers to try to invade my place was a dud this year as I only saw them doing it once or twice!

Lots of feeding has gotten my squash going good again, but I barely get them fed once before they do need it again!

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