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planting a flower plant

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would there be a difference in the result:

planting a flower plant from pot to soil

1. make a hole of appropriate size in the soil. place the plant in it approx. so that top surface of plant base is level with outside soil, then cover a little, and do watering, etc.

2. place plant from pot on soil surface, just push a little to position it, and then put whatever you are putting, compost top soil manure all round the base to covert it, and then slope it gently to grade level. Then water, etc.

the advantage of 2 is that the plant will be higher up and therefore more visible

if you say that 1 will be better than 2, please give a reason that you can support, not just " i think, i am not sure, a friend of mine did something-----"

thank you

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Hi Black5 The only problem

Hi Black5
The only problem with #2 is erosion. What I would do in either plan is to loosen the soil beneath where the plant is going and mix in some compost or aged manure.
If I was doing this project I would split the difference between 1&2. You do want a good base for the plant's roots.

Hope this helps ya...

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