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pruning ?

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Joined: 2009-09-29

Hi all............I am new to this forum, so bear with me, please.
I have been searching the web for a guide to prune my Purpleleaf Sandcherry and Rose of Sharon shrubs. Both are 2 yrs. old and have not been touched previously, mostly 'cause I'm afraid to. The sandleaf is getting out-of-hand and the rose hardly produced any new growth this year. Any/all suggestions would be more than welcome.

Joined: 2009-08-07

Allen, Welcome to this site, I have a bit of a cheek as I am from across the pond in east sussex and have always found the members of this forum to be very kind and patient to this old man who doesn't always understand the phrazology you all use.
Now pruning, if the cherry produces stoned fruit or berry you should prune it during the summer, this will help prevent the ingress of 'Silver Leaf' As for the Rose of Sharon the normal way is as with most plants prune after flowering has ceased. If it is only 2 years old, or is it you have only had it for 2 years? Either way just tip prune it. That is take the end of the branch. My Rose of Sharon is ions old and I cut it back to the ground this time of year in a vain attempt to control it. Also gives the underplanted bulbs a chance to grow.
I would suggest you visit the below gardening site, it really will give you expert information on any plant you wish. There is also a part that enables you to build a virtual garden on screen that even I can use.
Hope this is of use
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