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replanting fruit trees

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when is the best time to dig up and replant a fruit tree(orange)

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tree replanting

The same rules apply to any plant be it tree, shrub or bush.
First dig as big a hole where the tree is going to be planted and put the soil straight into a barrow.
Then give the hole a damn good water. Loosen the bottom with a fork.
Water the tree to be ,moved well, in fact soak the soil if possible.
Dig the tree with as big a rootball as possible. plant the tree as soon as possible.
Add good organic fertiliser as suits the particular tree with the soil to settle the tree in.
Water well and don't let it dry out at all especially in the first growing season.
I would personally remove any fruit that may form in the first year after replanting and trim the branches back to enable the tree to establish a good root system.
I have moved trees and other large bushes at all times of the year as long as the ground isn't frozen.
Then whatever soil is left in the barrow put in the hole you took the tree from originally. Saves lifting the soil(dirt to you) more times than you have to.
Sussexman(Crocusses are flowering and the daffs are almost in flower.SPRING IS HERE HURRAH

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