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Joined: 2009-08-07

My soil is mix with sand and i get lost of ants in my garden
anybody know a remedy

Joined: 2009-08-07
Solution to ants

You need an ant eater. Try your local zoo you may be able to hire one.
A problem is not a problem when you have the solution

Joined: 2010-03-14
ant kill works on this problem

Ant Kill is a very potion killer that comes in a small bottle I have yet to see it in the stores but can be gotten through mail order catalogs let see I believe is like Carol Wrights that has it or those mailer that the Clearinghouse publishers push out... I treated lumber with it and it killed the ants been gone for three years in the same area.. you just drop a few drops on the ants them selves and they carry it back to the nest and it supposedly kills the whole colony.. It does not work on termites though not in wet Washington any ways.. We also had a trail of ants coming in I did them to they actually were coming right in to where the kids spilled the extra sugar.. I had went to Missouri and well I had treated them before leaving I came back three years later and they are gone even with the messy kids still eating and the man still leaving the bread crumbs on the counter... yes they are very stubborn about mom cleaning after them I blame it on him..I came back cause he could not handle it any more with just the boys... we have nothing else in common any good men that need an instant family that is really good to women I am open brighten the days of the rest of your life but ya have to be clean...and ya got to be a Country boy...big gardens farm animals and tractor types that wanna be around the ol home place that will eat a good darn meal three times a day and loves to let to lady meddle with the tools and things he plays with....a little traveling is OK with me...

Joined: 2009-08-07
Only on TOFA

can you put a plea for help with ants and get a marriage proprosal in return, sorry SisterNora I couldn't resist it.
Back to your ants, the sandy soil is just the ticket for them. If you destroy one nest another will appear. Keep putting as much compost into the ground as you can and change the soil structure. Then the ants will go to your neighbours instead.

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