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Scrawny okra seedlings

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Joined: 2011-05-06

I've started some okra from seed in a flat, and it sprouted much sooner than expected... now the seedlings are about 5-6 inches tall & relatively scrawny (stems just less than 1/8 inch). Does anyone know if it is OK to plant them deeper than the top of the soil they are in, as can be done with tomato plants? Or should I just start some new seeds?

Thanks for any feedback/suggestions.

from S.W. Michigan)

Joined: 2010-08-11

seedlings should be planted same depth as their root ball ,okra likes the heat and really should be planted after all chances of freeze/frost are gone.Noticed you're from Michigan so I really don't know when that would be for you (I'm in North Carolina)....Since you went to the trouble , if the conditions are tolerable plant 'em and see what happens or start over , either way Good Luck !!! and Welcome to the site !!!

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