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Is there any kind of seed exchange here on the forum? I'm shore I have extra of some and would trade for other seed. If there's some specific seed you'd like, post here and if I don't have it, meb'be some one else will.

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Yes, Look ...

... down the list of forums, it's the last one.

And welcome to the forums! It always takes a minute to find everything, as the rest of us have found out. Can't be an old hand with being a new hand first :)

Joined: 2011-02-13

Yep; there it is. Thank you!

Joined: 2011-02-13

I have black holly hocks would like double petunias black or any dark color

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I really

must get new glasses. I had to read this last thread 3 times before realising what Cali really wrote.
Bang goes the NY resolution!!!!!!!!

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flower seeds

Hi, my name is Linda I am new at this, so I don't have any seeds to swap . But if you would like to help me get started I am looking for all types of flower seeds and bulbs naturally if you have any you would like to donate to help me get started Just e-mail me with your reply and I will gladly send you my address along with the cost of postage, Thank you in advance any and all donations, they will be more than appraciated .
e-mail address is
location is upstate New York

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two other sites

This site is great but I belong to two others thought you might be interested in. They are and

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