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Starting soil for a new raised vegetable garden bed

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In a new raised bed vegetable garden, what should the mix of soil be? I want to use Miracle Gro Garden soil as main ingredient. Do I need to use a layer of rock or sand or compost? Should I mix the Miracle Gro with regular top soil? Will the soil be too strong if using just Miracle Gro? The garden is 12'x8'.

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Starting a raised bed.

I have always laid a layer of cardboard down first. This stops any roots from surrounding weeds invading. As for the beds I always make mine 4 ft wide, this means you don't walk on the bed as you can reach it from either side and becaus you never have to walk on the soil stops soil compaction. Then just add whatever is at hand and depending on what you intend to grow. I use ordinary loam plus any compost I have spare. As for using miracle gro I think it may be a bit rich for seeds but plants I am sure would love it. The more ordinary garden compost you can get then the better as it is free. I wish you luck with your garden.
Me I only turn my soil with a hand fork attached to a broom handle it is so friable. And I started with sussex clay.
Dig a little dream a lot

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raised garden

using the cardboard is great idea. then i can replant tree collards and not worry about pulling weeds

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raised bed

i use horse manure,leaf compost that the city offers for free and coffee grains.i put all in raised bed(mine is 30x4)mix up and put news paper and straw down after i plant works great.

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