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Stink Bugs Threaten Crops --- Worse Than I Thought

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I thought these critters were just annoying ... apparently not. They came thru the Int'l. airport at Allentown PA about 10 years ago and have spread out in an ever growing circle.

Time to put bleach back on my shopping list, un-green as it is.

KNOXVILLE, Md. (WUSA) -- Enjoy the weather while you can.

Scientists warn the warm temperatures are waking a plague that's likely to hit biblical proportions: Billions of stink bugs -- far worse than last year -- hitting by the end of the month.
They land on his face at night while he's sleeping. They die in enormous quantities just inside his window screens.
And the stink bugs are everywhere in his rural home. They've overwintered in his attic. "Oow, yeah. I just found dozens fly out at me," he says, showing a photographer masses of them under his insulation. "There's another 50 right there."
This past weekend, he sucked up 8000 of them with the vacuum cleaner he keeps close at hand at all times.
As the temperatures rise, the stink bugs are crawling out toward the nearby farm fields to devour millions, maybe billions of dollars in fruit and veggies.
"I keep meticulous records," says Inkley. "I'm a scientist. But I didn't want my house to become an experiment. In invasive species... I now have a total that I've collected just since January 1st of 12,000 of them. I've got to kill 'em."
The bugs invaded from Asia. They have no natural predators here.

... there's more, follow the link, AND read the COMMENTS where there is this solution, among others:

2/17/2011 11:18 AM EST on
eyecatchers wrote:
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Pheromone Traps are currently in development. I read recently that someone thought they could kill a Stink Bug by turning the heat off in their house until the temp was below 32F. Oh contraire monome! The cold only puts them into a sort of hibernation. They over winter in your house. They lay eggs on the undersides of leaves in your garden. When I turn up my propane fireplace they emerge with a vengence. That's when I get out my Stink Bug Trap which is a recycled pickle jar with a little soapy bleach solution, 1/2" in the bottom. Hold the jar underneath and they will jump in. When you come near they'll drop as a perceived escape route. Sometimes they need a little help/push from the jar lid. Been doing this for two years and I have less than 1/4 the amount as last year. Bleach is the only thing that covers up their scent. They are attracted by their own scent/pheromones. I do know what chemical can be sprayed around the exterior of your house but cannot recommend for use to the public. It would not be responsible of me.
Don't use your household vacuum as it will ruin it. I had to powerwash the inside of my old Dysan. Last year they ruined my tomato crop and since I don't like to use pesticides, not an option for me. A colleague of mine, Stanton Gill, an entomologist,@ U of MD told me that there have been studies done on chickens feeding on Stink Bugs as a viable option and the research was very positive. However, so far Stink Bugs are the only thing my chickens won't eat. Can't say that I blame them. To me they smell like cilantro on steriods. They've almost cured me of my love for that herb.

Joined: 2009-08-07
Hopefully this will turn out like last years grasshopper plague,

and be a dud.

Good luck, I hope your chickens learn to eat those bugs!

Joined: 2009-08-07
That's A Good Thought

And I don't think the chickens like 'em any better than humans do. Heck, even the cats -- who play with everything -- won't go near 'em!

Joined: 2009-08-07
A cat not play with,

that is bad!

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