Storing spuds for aprtment dwellers

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I have recently moved to an apartment and was wondering how do you successfully store potatoes so you don't get roots on the potatoes?

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Joined: 2009-08-07
This is a GOOD question!

I have often wondered why no one has invented a 3' cubic appliance for all those items that are to be

"Stored in a cool, dry place"

I put mine in the fridge, you can try the crisper bins, but if that doesn't work, put them on the top shelf where it is the least cold (usually) wrapped in paper towel or lightweight cotton towel.

Heck, we've got every other electric appliance known to mankind ... I'm saving up for the combination toaster/egg poacher unit!!! (I kid you not, there IS such a thing.)

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Depends on time of year

I buy my spuds in 25 Kg sacks direct from local farmer. Now, in September they keep in the sack in the garage great but this time of year they start to sprout. Unfortunately the dear old spud is just trying to reproduce. You won't stop it, just knock the roots off and use the spud.
My wife has a poacher/toaster gadget 'ME'

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Joined: 2009-08-07
And I'll Bet ...

... you are an expert poacher/toaster!

I'd try to teach the cats, but they'd just get butter all over themselves *sigh*

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