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Joined: 2013-06-13

We set out tomatoes in the garden the middle of May and to prevent weeds from growing we used Preen. Preen kills weeds before it grows and it is doing a great job.

When we planted the tomatoes we used some gypsum and lime and mixed it in the soil. The tomato stems seem spindly and they are not thick yet they have tomatoes on them and are growing height wise. Why do you think the stems are growing strong?

Joined: 2013-07-01
Corn meal

Works too. It has the same corn glutton to stop weed seeds from germinating as well as carbs that break down to feed the plants.
Of course, the best method is Back to Eden Mulching system...see BackToEdenFilm.org

Joined: 2012-12-11

Try giving them a boost of Epsom salts.
Dig 1/2 cup per plant into your soil. For the nest few week give them a drink of Epsom salt water 2 tablespoons per 1 gallon of water.

Joined: 2013-08-13

I think, the soil is not enough fertile .

Joined: 2013-08-19
the tomato i grow also like

the tomato i grow also like the situation you mentioned, in my opinion it's normal.

Joined: 2013-07-30
I never thought epsom salt

I never thought epsom salt can do this too. I've been using epsom salt for a lot of things but I never thought you can use it as a fertilizer. I'll give it a shot.

Joined: 2013-09-01
Right on Wendy! Epsom salt

Right on Wendy! Epsom salt works like miracle.

What I would suggest is to check the quality of the soil and even the water you use as these all affect the health of your plants.

Joined: 2013-07-30
This is just amazing. I am

This is just amazing. I am now reaping results of the epsom salt turned fertilizer. My flowers are doing really amazing.

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