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weeping cherry trees

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Joined: 2009-10-03

Anyone have any tips on helping it survive? Just received it (3 ft high) and want to give it the best start possible.

Joined: 2009-08-07
Is it for fruit or..

ornimental. Same aplies for both.
You should dige the hole for it as deep as you can and when you put the soil back improve with a good dose of muck. That ground will be home to the tree for a long time so giving it the best start will ensure a happy tree. If you wish at any time to prune it do it in the summer not in the winter. This applies to most stoned fruit trees. It helps stop Silver Leaf. If you want to stake it in the start then put the stake in at an angle low down thr trunk so as the top is facing the prevailing wind. With the planting hole line it with thick cardboard, this stops any roots from surrounding plants invading the planting hole and gives the tree roots total access to the good soil you put in the hole. By the time the cardboard rots the tree will be established and can look after itself then. Don't forget to stand the tree ( assuming it's in a pot when you got it) in water for an hour before you plant it and give that hole a real good soaking before you plant the tree. I wish you luck and hope you every success with it. Cherries are good doers, great shape, beautiful flowers, fantastic range of colours of the fruit(if you can kep the birds off) and the autumn folage is great. Then the bare tree in winter is of great beauty. Yes a good doer.

Joined: 2009-10-03
It is just ornamental. I had

It is just ornamental. I had already planted it and did most everything except the cardboard. It has already tripled in leaves since I got it out of the box (mail ordered) and is now green instead of yellow. Sunshine, rain water and TLC does wonders....

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