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Hi, Everyone,

We have decided to close the Almanac forums.

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The Web site has grown tremendously, with 12 million readers every month. You'll find folks who are weather watchers, gardening enthusiasts, stargazers, and more. Find advice, get answers to questions, and share your experiences.

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Joined: 2012-08-26
New member

Hi I'm Betty a 67 yr old widow from Muskegon Mi...just wanted to say hi!

Joined: 2012-09-26

Hi Ya'll, I'm a small gardener from Alabama. Looking forward to learning and sharing!

Joined: 2012-09-26
Dogwood trees

I see alot of red berries on my dogwoods but never see new plants. Is the red berries not the seeds?

Joined: 2012-12-14


Joined: 2013-10-01

i just enclosed my back deck into a greenhouse, so I can use any advise I can get.

Joined: 2013-01-05
Hi my name is margie.Very New

Hi my name is margie.Very New at gardening.Looking forward to learning new stuff from everyone.

Joined: 2013-02-16

Scott is the name, and am from troy pa. I am disabled, and that gives me more time for my garden. I live with my brother and his family, and my mom. altogether there are nine of us, so yes I am growing a big garden. I have been gardening for years, and love it. I love to help others with their gardening questions.

Joined: 2013-03-02
Howdy from Tn.

I am retired, like to garden and work around the place here in the mountains of east Tn. I am a beekeeper, just completed a small greenhouse, (from a kit).
Am looking foreward to starting some plants soon. We will see how that goes!
(I am in zone 6)

Joined: 2013-03-16
greetings,my first post

Hello, I like gardening a few tomatoes and couple of other vegetables here in northern new jersey. I could use some tips because although I do pretty good, still see other gardeners do better. So I wanted to join this forum in hopes of understanding more about how to test and prepare my garden soil and when and how to plant,also maintain my garden for a better harvest.

Joined: 2013-10-01
backyard tomatoes

I'll pass on a tip that my hero Bob told me when I asked him how he got 6' tall tomatoes loaded down. I use this for all my plants and they love it - wheen you plant, throw this into the bottom of the hole - 1 Tbls epsom salt, 1 Tbls powdered milk, and some time released fertilizer. When they get up to 2' or blossom, sprinkle the same around them. Also, if you mist them weekly with a gallon of water with a tsp of dish soap, it'll help with any nasty bugs.


This is a new a hobby for me.Recently I brought Canna'Red king Humbert' and Lily'Oriental Star Glazer'to go in front of my balcony. I'm looking forward to learning how to grow them and a few more plants.Thank you,with the help of this community I'll be successful.

Joined: 2013-04-16
Warm Greetings!

Hello! I started gardening last year. The last time I grew my own food was in my childhood. I grew lettuce, nasturtiums, spinach, carrots, and other plants. The lettuce grew exceptionally well, except for the earwig infestation that took them over. My nasturtiums were great also, but the earwigs didn't bother them. My other plants' growth was stunted due to the kind of soil I used. I did post two question in the forum for all to see. Thanks for having me and I look forward to fun in the dirt!

Joined: 2013-05-08

Hi to all you gardeners:) I love container gardening and have been doing this type for the last 7 years. I love and I am a big fan of hosta's, bacopa, million bells,

Shelly Cummings
growing peanuts in southeast louisiana

when do you plant jumbo peanuts in southeast Louisiana? Thanks ahead of time...;)

Shelly Cummings
When do I plant jumbo peanuts

When do I plant jumbo peanuts in southeast Louisiana?

Plantation Lily Hosta

I have a question regarding my hosta. It's a Plantation (sp?) Lily. In previous years, it has bloomed in the fall. However, this year it is blooming now-in the spring. I was wondering if this is unusual and if so does anyone know why it would bloom in a different season.

I Love Weathervanes

I'm a garden appreciator. I simply love weathervanes. They help beautify your home, lawn and garden. I also adore rain chains as they are a lovely replacement for the ugly downspout and gutters we use.

Joined: 2013-07-01
New here....

Hope someone reads this because it so far down on the list...
I came to the site because I think weather forecasting has become a list art with all the use of Doppler radar..... No one forecasts like the almanac.... Years in advance.
Hope more people start reading the almanacs!

Joined: 2013-07-16

My mother and grandmother had gardens, so I am not new to gardening. I AM new to doing it myself. I recently went through some health issues, so now I am working to be a 100% raw foodist. Raw foodists eat fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Growing a garden seemed very logical to me. I work from home as a technical support advisor and I am home 24/7. Buying fresh foods is not cheap, so why not grow them myself!? I have the time! I hope to have advice from others and swap ideas..I love living off the earth and I will strive to return my world back to living whole.

Joined: 2013-07-21

my name is mik from ny...born in nyc over 45 yrs ago...been in the hilltowns since late 70's....
catskills are my home now...but love the warrensburg area.... ADK park ...Oscars jerky is the best I've ever had...

full moon gardner ;) mik

Joined: 2010-08-30
I live in mid Ohio. Zone 5 or

I live in mid Ohio. Zone 5 or 6..not quite sure. I've been here before, but it's been a few years ago...lol....I just posted a picture of a flower that I really love, but can't find out what the name of it is. I posted the picture of it in the pictures gallery, after posting the question here. You've changed some since I've been here. Anyway, good to be back and hoping I can get some more good tips through you guys. Happy Days....lol

Joined: 2013-07-30
Hi Everyone! I recently join

Hi Everyone! I recently join the group in my quest to find a good gardening forum I can learn and share my thoughts.

Hello I'm New to Farmers Almanac Forum...

Hey guys, my name is jimmy. I am new to this forum & to gardening. I built a 300 sq ft garden, & have about 8 whiskey barrels that I love using as well. I only grow vegetables no flowers.
I live in the South Western United States. I live in one of the highest elevations in the country, so I have a lot of snow, & pretty consistent monsoons. I really only have about 3 months a year of choice weather conditions for growing my veggies.
To be completely honest I know nothing about gardening. Other than planting seeds in the dirt and hope they grow. I've learned a couple things through trial & error over this past growing season. But I was hoping to learn a lot more important things through this Farmers Almanac website & forum, so if anyone out there is listening to me & can answer any of the questions I might put in From time to time, I would greatly appreciate it thank you.....

Old gardening soil / Can I use it.

I have 2 whiskey barrels full of used gardening soil that are completely taken over by roots & root bound throughout. One barrel was used for corn & the other barrel was used for beets & onions. i pulled the plants out about a week ago because its been over the harvesting date & they were not producing anything. Anyways, now i have all this old gardening soil just sitting here & I am not sure if I can reuse it.

Does anyone know the answer to this question? Can I reuse root bound soil, (gardening or potting) for new vegetables or is it like a 1 time thing? I spent a lot of money on the soil. I would like to salvage it, but if it would cause harm, slow the process of the new plants, or anything else that is not good for new plants then I do not care I will purchase new dirt. Thank you......

What is the best soil to use for a garden

Hello I am new to the gardening scene & I recently just built a 300 sq foot garden in the back yard. It is not a raised a garden & I did not encase it in anything. I simply just dug out a 15x15 square in the ground, pulled out as many root structures & clay rocks as I could, then put the regular soil that I dug out, back in with a mixture of pete moss & gardening soil with it. It was probably a 40 % reg soil 40 % pete moss & 20 % gardening soil combo to be exact.

Im worried that I put too much pete moss or not enough gardening soil or if I should of used. Potting soil instead of gardening soil.

I did plant seeds in this garden & some of the things grew quickly, some grew slowly & haven't produced anything & some things DIDNT even grow. I believe I planted my squash, & others too close together causing them too not have the room to grow fully & start growing vegetables. But I'm also worried that some of this poor growing could be due to a poor soil combo or something else, I DON'T KNOW!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME OUT THANKS.......

Joined: 2013-10-01
garden soil

your mixture sounds good. If you can find some manure to mix in, that would probobly help. I'll share a secret that my hero Bob taught me (when I asked him how he got 6' tomatoes). He uses this for tomatoes, I use it for EVERYTHING - when you plant, put a teaspoon of epsom salt, a teaspoon of powdered milk and some time released fertilizer in the bottom of the hole. Plant and when they get up to 2' m/l or blossom, sprinkle the same around them again. He waters with miracle grow, but I let nature take care of the watering. Also, I bought a roll of concrete reinforcing wire (52" tall) and cut it so it made 2' around cages for my tomatoes. With your small area, you may want to just buy some of the precut wire (more $ per cage, but if you only need 4-5 vs 25...) Also, when you rinse out your milk jugs, put that water on your plants. It keeps the good bacteria and worms happy (I've seen them smile) and loosens up your soil. Hope this helped - you may want to stake your tomato cages with rebar or stakes.

Joined: 2013-09-22
i love gardening and outdoors

i love gardening and outdoors i cant stand it when winter is here, because i cant get outside to plant things.

Joined: 2013-10-01
stuck indoors

I've been playing around with the hydroponics idea for 2-3 years and recently read an article (the Kratky method) where you just put a plant in water and grow inside. You just let the water level drop in the container as the plants grow. You might wnt to look it up to get all the details, but I've got some tomato slips (yes, you can slip tomatoes - how cool is that) started and after they got 4" roots on them, I dangled a pot over some water in a 5 gallon bucket and they're doing fine so far. You can keep some green going all winter in a windowsill. Hope this helps - God bless

Joined: 2013-09-22
is there anything special i

is there anything special i need to do with asparagus it is the first year coming up ?

Joined: 2010-01-21

Hi, all! I am a New England transplant (moved from a place near Dublin, NH!) to southeast of Louisville, KY. Wow! Is gardening different here. I have land enough for a good sized garden and planted my first this year. It was good, but not so good. This clay is so different from the well draining stuff I grew up with!

I'll be looking for tips and tricks to make this soil easier to sow, because I looooovvvvvee the longer growing seasons!

Joined: 2013-11-03

I ordered some lilly bulbs and wondered if I could wait until spring to plant them as it is getting very cold here now.

Joined: 2014-01-06
new user help

Hello, im new to all this and im in Australia but am sure someone on here can help me.
Firstly how do i post a question as all i can find is an icon to reply to people so i have "replied" to you to try and get an answer.
Im a 42 year old crane operator so am not too intelligent on a computer but i do love to play in my vegetable patck.
I am on here hoping that i can get some help as i would like to grow zucchini flowers.
hoping i can find some help on your site.

Joined: 2013-05-26
Hi, I lost my son past

Hi, I lost my son past August. I am struggling to get away from grieving and back to all the things he and I loved so much.....I seem to be vapor locked on everything, and I was once very adventurous. I hope to meet some of you....I live in Florida, Lakeland to be exact......had some cardboard down for months now and am thinking about my grandson and I dig'n today. God Bless you all today

Michell Wixom

I am a new gardener. Planted sunflowers for the first time last year. How do I get them to come back cut at base or pull up hole plant?

martin maughan
my first garden

Hello my name is martin maughan, and I started my first ever garden this year.Some of the seeds I used were over 5 years old but they all geminated here in glendale az.I started 4 bellpeper and 3 tomato seeds inside earlier this year.The bellpepers started to get mildewy even before they broke ground.To try to save them as they did sprout soon after,so I transplanted them outside as first vegies in my garden.they are doing great still today,soon to follow I planted 15 other types,the corn row I planted from some white popcorn I had in the cabinet.hope they will produce.I recently saw indian program on some thousands of year old seed strains.and they said corn was short like a grass ,and the cobs were tiny too.thats where my corn stopped growing in hieght (less than 12 inches)well hope to make new friends here with the same love of growing that I do.Enjoy every day,and may you too have a bountiful year.

Joined: 2014-04-09
Oregon Coast Gardening

Hello! We have planted many things from seed this year. The environment on the coast is so different from anywhere else; I find that plants get confused as to what time of year it is. Sometimes they bloom/produce all year long!

Joined: 2009-08-07
Climbing okra in oklahoma

Hi everyone. I am trying to find info on climbing okra. I live in oklahoma and recently realized they can be used as loofah also. I need germination time and production time. Thank you

Joined: 2014-06-03
New Gardener

Hi, I am a newbie gardener with lots of questions. I prepared a small garden, amended the soil and planted some petunias given to me by a friend. They have not bloomed and there is no evidence they will. I dug them up this morning and the roots look good. I don't want to hurt my friend's feelings but am considering purchasing new plants of the variety I had wanted. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, LadyBug65

Joined: 2014-08-21
Hey, I'm new here.

Hello, fellow gardeners. :) I'm John and I am from London. I now live in Bristol to spend some time with my mother and father, who recently relocated there.
I hope I will find nice gardening ideas and nice people, too, in this forum.

I have my own garden in London and in Bristol. I love gardening and growing my own food. I think this is a blessing. I never buy tomatoes or peppers, or carrots, or beet, or radish, because I have them at home when I need them.

We also have a lot of house plants at home.

Joined: 2014-09-24
I used to plant vegetables

I used to plant vegetables and fruits when I was child but now I stopped planting them because my garden was wrecked by typhoon.

Joined: 2014-09-24
Guys!! Your suggestion are

Guys!! Your suggestion are great!

Joined: 2014-08-30
Help with peonies

Hi I am a beginner gardener. We just moved to a house with a garden that has peonies all over the place. One plant has developed a white coating on tis leaves and it looks unhappy. What does this mean and what should I do about it?

Joined: 2014-11-12

Hello, thank you for having a great forum like this.

I have read many helpful posts but now have a question of my own. I will post in the appropriate place.

Thanks again, MC.

Joined: 2015-01-23
HELP early plugs

My sister lives in Florida and sent me right smart many peteunias, snap dragons,coleus and was wondering how to keep them alive> will they bloom early or do I need to transplant them? will they get bigger? ect. I am on VA and NC border zip 24054
It is cold here 30-45 degrees please help thanks so much

Joined: 2015-02-23
New to Site

Hello, I'm Val from Houston, TX (Zone 8). I am currently a stay-at-home Mom with an almost 2 year old & a 7 year old. I currently do a lot of container gardening since I have an obnoxious lab that does not let anything in the ground live. Contemplating getting rid of her for that reason unless any of you have some advice for that problem.

My kids are interested in gardening so I'd like to involve them as much as possible when I'm not using it as therapy :)

I've just started my first Apple trees & lemon trees from seeds. :) I'm proud of my work so far with the seedlings!!!

Joined: 2011-07-31
best varieties for wichita falls texas garden vegetables

new to gardening would like best vegetable varieties for wichita falls we are zone 7b and would like to know best for my area zip is 76308 thanks

Joined: 2015-03-14
A little about me

Hello all, I am just really getting into gardening a little more than last year.
So far this year I have planted a couple of squash plants, several Cantaloupe's, a few lettuce plants, 3 different tomato plants, (1 from seed)1 cherry and a large style. I have some strawberries planted from seed, and one plant from last year that did not produce very well. I also have a few short rows of corn planted from last years harvest.
We will be planting some green onions and some potatoes soon.

Joined: 2015-04-19
Midwestern Living & Farming

Hi! Currently live in the Midwest - North Dakota - since 2013. Have 18 acres and we plant for ourselves and local markets. We are in between a zone 3 and 4, but usually work with Zone 3 plants to be on the safe side.

This season I am doing heirloom tomatoes, corn (sweet, Indian, Japanese Hulless), peppers, various herbs, potatoes, pak-choi (hydroponically), various melons & squash.

Have a managed patch of lambsquarter for local market, and just started my first generation of chia seeds hoping the plants will acclimate to our long-day growing conditions. Chia normally thrives closer to the equator and is not native to the midwest. I would sure love to get a strain going that will adapt to this area to provide for a yearly crop.

New Flower Child

Hello my name is Kim and I live in Michigan in zone 5. I love to plant anything I can get my hands on.I'm 23 and still new to planting gardens and vegetable gardens. I've been working on mixed flower boarders around my house and I am waiting for my fiance to finish my raised beds for my vegetables.
I am searching for some kind of a tutor or Mentor. There is just so much to learn.

Joined: 2015-06-02
Diatomaceous Earth

What is the recommendation for using food grade diatomaceous earth to control ants and other bugs in my garden? I am concerned about bees as they pollinate taking it in on their legs. Is this bad? Are there risks? Typically, I dust the underneath of the cucumber and squash leaves where the bugs hide, and it works, but I want to know if it'll hurt the bees.

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