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Autumn Is My Favorite Day

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Autumn Is My Favorite Day (October 2009)

Autumn is my favorite day
The season in this heart does sway
The notion that it is just one
Solar cycle of soul and done
Awakens sprites within who play.

Winter, in cold relief, an etching
It a time for thoughts less fetching
To find a home beyond last frost
And find a warmth where warmth stays lost
Among dreams and days now stretching.

Spring tames the winds which blow about
As drive the green things up and out
We can never glean or quite capture
How life bursts forth amid this rapture
Or understand why youth is doubt.

Summer sprays life in its' full force
Racing ourselves 'til spent and hoarse
We cannot help but enjoy the day
But how the questions begin and weigh
As midcourse now measures remorse.

As falling light at end of day
The shadows laugh and don't betray
That although an end may near
We fill with wisdom; not with fear
So let the sprites now play and play.

Oh yes, Autumn is my favorite day.

- Robert Goodman

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